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Rampage 2018 uTorrent Movie Download Torrent

Rampage 2018

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Rampage 2018

When three different animals are infected with dangerous pathogens, the primate and a team of geneticists prevent them from destroying Chicago.


Brad Payton Writers:

Ryan Engle (script), Carlton Cuez (script), the primitive Davis (Dwayne Johnson) combines a firm relationship with George,then Silverback Gorilla is very smart, who was under his protection, since he was young. When the Genetic Experiment of the corporation with avariciafóra places, George and other animals all over the country are mutated in aggressive supergraphs that destroy everything in their path. Moonlight 2016 DVDScr
In this adventure tour, Davis triesto find an antidote, not only to stop the global catastrophe, but also to save a creature scary that was once his friend.

The Children Act 2018 .

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